•   Peak Bagger Membership Benefits

    All Adventurer benefits plus...

    • Customized advertisement video made for your business
    • Banner advertisements on Chamber website
    • Chamber member wood plaque
    • Logo design if needed
    • Product placement in 3-2-1 hiking challenge program
    • Enhance your directory listing with logo, bullet points, SEO keywords, expanded description, photos and video placement
    • State of the Region/Annual meeting sponsor
    • Product placement in hospitality program


  • Job Outline for the Member Video Profile


    1. Pre-Production

    This is a recon-meet & greet. We’ll talk to the members to establish a little bond and get a good, solid feel for what they would like to feature in their Profile Video. We will walk the areas to be filmed and photographed, determine if extra lighting is required, plan a flight path for the drone (inspect areas for clearances if drone is to be utilized), and possibly make suggestions on what might look good on video and photos. Discuss the video type: owner speaking style or narrated voice over style. Discuss script content of desired features to be mentioned in the voice over script or discuss what will be said be the owner. After all the information has been gathered, we’ll set a date to shoot. Scheduling will be subjected to good weather especially for drone flying.


    2. Production

    Day of the shoot will be to execute all of the Pre-Production’s goals set in that meeting. Members should expect this day, depending on how many and what type of shots are to be taken, to be anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. Again, optimal weather will be preferred for maximum quality of video and photos. Indoor shoots will not be as important for weather conditions, but I think it would be nice to always have some kind of establishing shot from the outside plus above ground (drone footage) to show surrounding area so good weather is preferred.


    3. Post-Production

    All materials are to be gathered and edited including: writing a script for the Voice Over, recording the VO, videos, photos, text to be incorporated, logos and any other pertinent info members will want to have in the video. All videos are to be approximately 45 to 60 seconds in length.


    4. Website Integration

    The final phase in this member service will be to include all materials into their new profile page (their new video and photos in their new Gallery page). Members will be notified when everything has been completed and can start promoting themselves using their profile page on the COC website and sharing their video link.


    For the PEAK BAGGER membership, after the 3rd year of paid membership, your membership dues will drop to the Trail Blazer tier rate ($225.00)