• Billboards - Frazier Mountain Park Road

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  • You'll see these billboards as you're headed west on Frazier Mountain Park Road.  This project was installed through a partnership between Kern County, Frazier Park Public Utility District, and the Chamber of Commerce.


    When Frazier Mountain Park Road was built, it bypassed the existing downtown business district on Mt. Pinos Way in Frazier Park.  In an effort to redirect residents and tourists back to the business district, area business owners began putting up a variety of 4' x 8' signs along the roadside. Things came to a head in 2011 as new signs proliferated and dilapidated signs of closed businesses were not removed.  Complaints mounted as residents felt the situation was becoming a blight on the entrance to Frazier Park.  In addition, all the signs violated Kern County ordinances regarding off-site business signage.


    The County had a decision to make: find a workable solution, or remove all the signs.  


    In order to preserve off-site advertising for area businesses, the Chamber of Commerce opened talks with then Supervisor Ray Watson.  The conversations resulted in this project which preserves off-site advertising for up to 30 businesses and generates funds to help pay for streetlights and landscaping in the business district.


    The County deeded two small parcels of land to the Frazier Park Public Utility District (FPPUD) for the construction site.  County engineers designed the project, and Supervisor Watson funded the construction from the discretionary project fund.  Local contractor Gordon Construction brought the project to life in 2014!  The FPPUD owns the signs and maintains the property. 


    The Chamber of Commerce manages the advertising which provides an affordable way for local businesses to have their information seen by over 4,200 passing cars daily*.  It's just one of the many ways we fulfill our guiding principles, specifically our dedication to the growth and success of our business community and the local economy. 


    *Traffic number (Average Daily Traffic) taken from Kern County Frazier Park/Lebec Specific Plan dated 2001.  

  • These Chamber of Commerce members are investing in their business and their community! 

    Advertising proceeds pay for maintenance of the streetscape beautification project

    in downtown Frazier Park.



    If you're interested in advertising and increasing the visibility of your business, contact us for more information!  Chamber of Commerce members receive preferential rates.