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  • 3-2-1 Hiking Challenge

    3 Peaks  ♦  2 Counties  ♦  1 Day


    Discover the Southern Los Padres Forest by completing the highest points

    in both Kern and Ventura County!


    On a clear day, enjoy the amazing views - you can even see the Sierra Nevadas to the north.

    We hope by completing the 3-2-1 Challenge, you'll be inspired to check out the rest of the wonderful wilderness areas that surround the Mountain Communities region.


    Mount Pinos - 8,848'           (highest peak in Ventura County)

    Sawmill Mountain - 8,818' (highest peak in Kern County)

    Grouse Mountain - 8,583'  (why not - you're already here!)


    This 11 mile, 2,000 ft gain hike can be competed in either a day or overnight by camping at Sheep Camp.

    This makes the challenge accessible for family + friends of all ages/experience levels.

    A National Forest Service Adventure Pass ($5 per day or $30 per year) is required in order to park at the Nordic Base (challenge starting point).



    1) Take a picture at all 3 summits

    2) Email the photos to 321challenge@mymountainchamber.com

        Please allow up to 7 days for staff to approve the images.

    3) Once your completion photos have been approved, you'll receive your

        Certificate of Completion pdf and link to purchase a commemorative patch

        (includes goodies from REI & 52 Hike Challenge while supplies last!)


    SOCIAL MEDIA TAGS: #321Challenge  #MyMountainChamber

    The first 50 people who successfully complete the 3-2-1 Challenge will be entered in a drawing for a larger giveaway.


    We strongly encourage challenge participants to review the 10 Essentials and Leave No Trace Principles prior to beginning your trip.  Preparation is key to success and conservation is vital so future generations can enjoy the outdoors!