• Groups

    Administration and Communication

    This committee is responsible for day-to-day operations of the Chamber of Commerce. Responsibilities include monitoring telephone and email messages, responding to inquiries, posting agendas, minutes, and financials to website. Other responsibilities include maintaining the website calendar, posting on social media, creating graphics, working with other committees to assist with their creative collateral (banners, brochures, guides, etc.), writing articles for distribution, and creating the weekly e-newsletter.


    The Ambassadors identify and visit new businesses and provide membership information. Ambassadors contact chamber members annually to ensure they are satisfied with the organization. They also attend chamber events such as mixers and ribbon cuttings.

    Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    Business Development

    This committee partners with the Chamber board members to liaise with regional efforts supporting entrepreneurship. The committee also assists with researching online and print resources that assist start-up businesses in our region. The committee provides at least one monthly article for the Chamber newsletter topical to their work in business growth and development. Committee activities may also include workshops, networking meetings, and an awards program that recognizes and honors businesses in our region.

    Friends of Frazier Mountain Park

    The Friends of Frazier Mountain Park works with Kern County on repair, maintenance and clean-up initiatives at Frazier Mountain Park. The committee also works with the Streetscape committee to coordinate on cleanup events.

    Government Advocacy

    The Government Advocacy Committee supports the Chamber's mission to influence public policy by being the ''Voice of Business'' at the local, state, and federal level for our region. This committee actively advocates for legislation that supports a pro-business environment, while working to defeat legislation that will be detrimental to business. The committee will provide at least one monthly article for the Chamber newsletter topical to their work in government affairs. The committee communicates key issues to Chamber members with strategies for members to voice their support or opposition.

    Mountain Communities Women in Business

    This committee is open to women business owners, employees or prospective women in business. Chamber and non-chamber members are welcomed. The committee is intended to acquaint mountain communities women in business with one another, facilitate camaraderie, inform each other about various businesses and agendas; promotions, sales, events, etc. , offer education, training, and support for women entrepreneurs and prospective women in business, and to work together to support commerce and economic growth in the mountain communities.


    Members of this committee are appointed by the President of the Board, subject to approval by the Board of Directors. However, it does help to have information about those interested in serving on the committee, so please notify us! This committee is appointed in September to present a slate of candidates to the Board to replace the directors whose regular terms are expiring. The slate is to be presented to the Board by October 1.


    This committee is responsible for the following signage sites: * Billboards on Frazier Mountain Park Road * Message board at the corner of Lebec Road and Frazier Mountain Park Road *Visitors kiosk at the corner of Ralphs Ranch Road and Frazier Mountain Park Road Responsibility includes: trash control, reporting needed repairs to the Board, communicating with the Kern Board of Trade on electronic kiosk, changing signage on the message board and kiosk display cases, coordinating billboard sign graphics and placement.


    This committee is responsible for maintaining the Streetscape in downtown Frazier Park. Responsibility includes: coordinating with Friends of Frazier Mountain Park on annual or bi-annual clean-up day, reporting needed repairs to the Board of Directors, communicating with Frazier Park Public Utility District on water concerns, getting quotes on repairs, and coordinating with chosen vendors for repairs.

    Tourism and Visitor Center

    This committee works on tourism outreach initiatives and development of one or more visitor centers. Work includes publication of online and print maps, visitor guides, area resource guides, and other information or goods. This committee coordinates with the Signage committee on placement of tourism information in display cases at the visitor kiosk in Lebec.