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    Monday, February 3, 2020
    Rural Communities Pose Special Challenges for 2020 Census

    Pine Mountain Club, in the Los Padres National Forest in unincorporated Kern County, is beautiful. The air is clear, the stars are bright and you know your neighbors. More people are relocating to Kern County in the center of California for its lower rents and mortgages and to escape city life. If financially sound, rural living is paradise. But if declining finances push you into rural living, life can be tough. Demographics are shifting. The rural poor can’t be undercounted this time. Census takers have

    Kathleen Weinstein

    Monday, December 9, 2019
    Wildlife Proofing Your Property for Winter

    As winter comes, our resident wild critters are preparing for the cold. Make sure YOU prepare too, otherwise you may find some unwanted house guests!

    Rachel Unell