• Resident Tags Available for Winter 2018-19

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    December 06, 2018
    The Resident Tag Program is Back in Time For Winter 2018-19!

    1/14/19 UPDATE - TAGS ARE SOLD OUT.  We will talk with CHP about releasing more.

    Thank you for supporting the program!

    In an effort to relieve traffic congestion during the snow season and other heavy traffic conditions, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has authorized the Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce to issue a limited number of "Resident Permit" hang tags.

    These rear view mirror hang tags allow law enforcement to quickly identify resident vehicles and keep traffic moving, rather than having to stop every vehicle and verify residency.  

    Please remember this tag is NOT a free pass to travel without the proper winter driving equipment like snow tires and chains.  You still need to follow all the requirements.  Your safety is important to us!

    You can download a winter driving brochure from Cal-Trans here.

    Tags are $5 each and are only available at participating businesses.  You will be asked for proof of local residency.  Acceptable forms of proof include driver's license, vehicle registration, or a utility bill.  The address must show one of our local towns (Frazier Park, Gorman, Lebec, Lake of the Woods, Lockwood Valley, Pinon Pines, Pine Mountain Club.

    Sale locations:
    • ACE / Frazier Park Lumber and Hardware (Frazier Park) 
    • The Mountain Enterprise (Frazier Park)

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    I already purchased a tag last year.  Do I have to buy another one? 
    If your tag is white and shows the year as 2017-18, your tag is no longer valid.  We have been asked to issue a limited number of tags each year.  The current tags are blue and marked 2018-19.  

    Do I have to purchase a tag? 
    Nobody is required to purchase resident tags.  It is entirely optional.

    Where does the $5 go?
    The Chamber of Commerce reinvests your purchase back into the community for projects such as replacing the solar lights and battery on the Frazier Park Welcome sign.  That small project alone cost over $2,200.  Thank you for supporting our work in the community through this program!

    Why does the tag say "Resident Permit"?  
    We had to choose from standard phrases offered by the printer.  This was the phrase that most closely matched.  It is not a permit, and you do not have to display it at all times.  It is simply designed to get you through checkpoints during restricted travel times.

    Who gave the Chamber the authority to do this? 
    This program was requested by California Highway Patrol (CHP) in 2017 to help ease the travel congestion experienced by residents during snow events or other restricted travel incidents.

    Why is this a hang tag and not a sticker?
    CHP reports that the tag is easy for the officers to see, and was preferable to a sticker.

    Why do I have to show proof of residence?
    This is a program that was requested by residents and CHP, designed to allow quicker travel to and from homes during road restrictions.  We want to make sure the residents are the ones benefiting. 

    Why am I only allowed to purchase 2 tags at a time?  My family has a lot of vehicles.
    There is a limit because there are a limited number of tags available.  We want to be sure that as many households as possible can participate.

    Does this tag allow me to go to Mt. Pinos without an Adventure Pass?  
    No.  This tag is not a substitute for the Adventure Pass required by the Forest Service.  Vehicles are still required to have an Adventure Pass whether they are resident vehicles or not.

    Just Added:  Don't I still have to sit in a line of cars?  How does this tag help me?
    There is no way to completely eliminate the traffic during snow events.  These tags have a cumulative effect on helping the traffic flow.  For example, if you are in a line of 30 cars, but 20 are residents with hang tags, the line will move much faster than if CHP has to check 30 individual cars for ID and chains.

    We have been told that the tags do help the traffic flow and residents have been asking for them.  Again, participation is optional.  But the more people that have tags, the better the 'group effect' is on traffic flow.

    Just Added:  If the pass sales are used for community projects, what is the project for this year? 
    This year, we would like to rehab the visitor's kiosk in Lebec.  It is at the corner of Peace Valley Road and Frazier Mountain Park Road.  The project was basically abandoned by the group that started it, and the Chamber has been given the OK to take it on.  We would like to clean it up, get the touchscreen working, and post area information.  Many people stop at that kiosk for information and it's empty right now.  We'd like to change that!

    Please feel free to contact the Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce if you have any other questions!