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  • 02/27/2017 11:02 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    We are pleased to report that the inaugural run of resident tags was a great success.  Tags have sold out at the Frazier Park locations (Ace, Code 4 Acupuncture, and Mountain Enterprise).

    There are some tags left at Antiques on the Grapevine in Gorman, and BaseCamp Cafe in Pine Mountain Club.  If you need a tag, they will be available at those locations through this week.  Any remaining tags will be picked up and the program will close until autumn.

    Your Chamber would like to thank the Fort Tejon CHP for their support, the participating businesses, and all the residents who purchased tags.  

    Not only does this project help relieve some traffic congestion during an influx of visitors, everyone's support raised much needed funds allowing the Chamber to complete projects in the community.  There are always plenty of things to repair and improve in the community; we're looking forward to reporting on our progress, so stay tuned!

  • 02/27/2017 10:20 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Mt. Pinos Ranger District is looking for volunteer information assistants to help the public at the front desk of Chuchupate Ranger Station on Lockwood Valley Road. 

    Volunteers will receive training and can set a schedule of 1 or more days a week to volunteer. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Contact Beth Pfeiler at 661-972-9379 for more information. 

  • 02/27/2017 7:57 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Tanner Dyrness and Joann Pecoraro at Dena's Bargain Bazaar Grand Opening

    Please join us in welcoming Photography by Joann as the newest member of the Chamber of Commerce!  Joann Pecoraro is an award winning portrait and wedding photographer, and graduated with honors from the Brooks Institute of Photography.  

    We were fortunate enough to take advantage Joann's photography skills for the grand opening of Dena's Bargain Bazaar.  She was a great sport about jumping in and providing some wonderful photos with a camera phone and tricky lighting conditions.  She's already got that Chamber teamwork spirit! 

    Please take a moment to view Joann's website to see many of her beautiful photographs, and learn more about her services.

  • 02/09/2017 10:43 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    February 14th - the day to treat your sweetie to a little something special is almost here!  And you know what?  Our members have you covered!

    From custom cards, spa treatments, candy, and stuffed animals to unique clothing and all the fixings for a romantic dinner - you can find it all right on the mountain!

    CarolynsCreation has beautiful cards to help make your Valentine's message extra special.

    Mountain Day Spa offers facials, manicures, pedicures, massage and more - pamper your special someone!

    Chatterpillar is stocked to the brim with candy, chocolates, gift baskets, stuffed animals, and balloon bouquets.  If you're like me, you go in to pick up two or three things, and leave with an armful of goodies - Wow! 

    Baking by Kat always has wonderful baked goods like pies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies...need I go on?  Just get in there and see for yourself!

    Dena's Bargain Bazaar has many unique and beautiful clothing items such as skirts, scarves, hats, and dresses.  Fabrics from around the world!

    Venita's Gourmet Sweets is a local online shop featuring gourmet toffee, macarons, and custom cakes.  S'mores toffee anyone?  Yum!

    Can't decide on the right gift?  Go for a gift certificate or two!!

    Show love for your special someone AND our local businesses by shopping local for Valentine's Day!

  • 01/27/2017 7:11 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    You might not have realized that the deadlines for filing the Form W-2 with the Social Security Administration and the Form 1099-MISC with the Internal Revenue Service have changed, and the new deadline is rapidly approaching.

    While the deadline for reporting W-2 and 1099-MISC income to employees and non-employees remains the same (January 31), now the reporting copies must also be submitted to the Social Security Administration and IRS by January 31, whether by paper or electronic filing.  This is much earlier than past years, and does not give businesses a window to correct errors before filing the final reporting copies.

    Note the new filing deadline, as it relates to Form 1099-MISC, only affects filers that report nonemployee compensation payments in box 7 (which is most 1099-MISC filers). 

    Businesses should also be aware that the IRS recently eliminated the automatic 30-day extension of time to file W-2 forms. In prior years, filers could automatically get a 30-day extension by submitting Form 8809 to the IRS on or before January 31. Filers were also able to request an additional 30-day extension, so they could push their e-file deadline out to the end of May. Now those automatic extensions won’t be available for business that need to file their W-2 forms for tax year 2016.

    Please check with your accountant, accounting department, or tax preparer to make sure that your business is on track with the new filing deadlines.  The IRS also has a handy calendar tool available.

  • 01/27/2017 6:56 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Resident vehicle tags are now available for purchase at participating Chamber member locations - just in time for the weekend! 

    You will be able to get tags at:

    • Antiques on the Grapevine
    • BaseCamp Cafe and Info Lounge
    • Code 4 Acupuncture & Herbs / Health First
    • The Mountain Enterprise
    • Ace / Frazier Park Lumber & Hardware

     Be sure to have proof of local residence, such as your driver's license, vehicle registration, or utility bill.  Limit 2 tags per purchase for now, while we are in the testing phase of the program.  There are a limited number of tags available.

    ***Just a reminder*** this isn't something you are required to purchase. It's a rear-view mirror hang tag that helps quickly identify a resident vehicle and keeps traffic moving during chain control.  Please take the tag down when you don't need it; you can be pulled over for obstructions in your field of view (windshield and side mirrors), including tags, stickers, air fresheners, graduation tassels, etc.

    The price is $5 per tag and proceeds go to help fund clean-up days and repairs needed around the community.

    Big thank you's to our wonderful members who are verifying residence and handling the sales.  We couldn't bring this program to the community without their help!

  • 01/19/2017 3:59 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    This winter has been a wild ride, with more snow visitors than ever.  The huge increase in visitors combined with limited parking areas, has resulted in some serious public safety concerns.  

    Supervisor Couch has been working on this, and a plan for traffic associated with this weekend's expected snowstorm has been developed.  Here is the latest update as received from Ryan Shultz:

    Friends of the Mountain Communities,

    Supervisor Couch would like to share an update with you on the ongoing efforts to provide traffic safety to your community during snow events.

    In preparation for this weekend Supervisor Couch met with CHP, USFS, Assistant Director of Public Works, and the Director of Public Works/ Road Commissioner to discuss the possibility of adding additional traffic and public safety measures.

    Supervisor Couch's budget will fund one additional CHP Officer (and car) to service the mountain communities this Saturday and Sunday. 

    At the request of the CHP, Supervisor Couch's budget will fund two Public Works employees to assist the CHP at the two traffic/chain check locations for this Saturday and Sunday.  These two employees will help the flow of traffic and ensure the safety of residents and visitors traveling along Frazier Mountain Park Road/Cuddy Valley Road.

    The CHP has a strong opinion on where the traffic/chain checks should be located on Frazier Mountain Park Road/Cuddy Valley Road.  CHP believes a chain check near the Flying J and/or Frazier Park will cause serious traffic issues on I-5.  This would compound existing traffic issues on I-5 and public roadways.

    Electronic message boards will be moved east of Frazier Park to alert motorists to traffic delays and chain requirements. 

    Trash bins and portable toilets will remain in place on Cuddy Valley Road, the Y, and along Mt. Pinos Road.  Bins have been emptied and portable toilets have been serviced.

    All of the involved agencies will continue to collaborate and address your concerns.  We are finding that some measures are working and other aren't.  In the future a public meeting will be held to provide you a detailed list of each agencies efforts thus far and hear from you on what worked and what didn't. 

    Supervisor Couch would like to thank the agencies and especially thank the federal, state, and local government employees who are responding to your concerns and safety issues.

    Stay safe this weekend.  We appreciate your feedback and patience.

    Take care,


  • 01/17/2017 11:31 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Los Padres Kung Fu San Soo is collecting donations of gently used warm clothing (jackets, sweaters, scarves, hats and new socks).  The clothing will be taken to Magdalene Hope in Bakersfield, and will help women who have fallen victim to street trade.

    The collection takes place until mid-February and you can drop off items at LPKFSS, 7025 Cuddy Valley Road Suite I, in Lake of the Woods.

    From Cat Whitelock - "We support their cause because we believe no person should be a victim."

  • 01/17/2017 11:11 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Congratulations to our 2016 Best Decorated Business Winner, The Old Bear Bed and Breakfast!  These adorable ice skating polar bears have been delighting guests, residents, and passer-bys with their antics. The show was beautiful at night, lit up and so colorful!  Photos by Maxine Cameron 

    Thank you to all the businesses who decorated!  There were so many cute painted window displays, and gorgeous light shows.  I think this was our most festive holiday season yet!

  • 01/17/2017 12:32 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Your Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the return of a long-dormant program.  Thanks to our fantastic board member Harry Spyrka and Fort Tejon CHP, the Chamber's 'mountain resident' sticker program is back! 

    Rearview mirror hang tags have been ordered and will be for sale at participating member businesses. Proceeds are reinvested in the community. 

    Residents will be able to purchase hang tags with proof of local residency.  Displaying the hang tag on the rearview mirror will allow the CHP to quickly identify residents and wave them through chain checkpoints.  This will help keep traffic flowing better on snow days.

    Updates to come as soon as the tags get here - shipping time estimate is 1 week.

    If you are a Chamber member and would like the resident tags available for purchase at your business, please contact me for details on this member benefit.  

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